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The fast premium autoclave: now with DRYtelligence

The ideal and functional choice for all medical surgeries: with the rapid program B it sterilizes instruments still packaged in just 20 minutes and unpacked instruments even in just 10 minutes, including fractionated pre-vacuum and drying.

DRYtelligence, the patented intelligent drying system, also allows you to reduce operating times and save resources: in fact, the specially developed algorithms automatically adapt the optimal drying cycle based on the load. The interface system is intuitive and allows easy and safe use via the extra large color touch screen. Locating and selecting programs will be quick and easy, errors are avoided and documentation is simplified. With connection to the water mains, SERVICE EVERY 2 YEARS or 4000 CYCLES.

- Absorbed power: 3400W
- Water network connection: YES
- Display: Touchscreen
- Vacuum pump: liquid ring
- Chamber capacity: 18 liters
- Chamber: Steel
- Class B cycle: rapid 15 min
- Max load: 9kg
- Data backup: Software/CF card/print
- LxHxD: 46 x 56 x 55cm


Robust, fast and powerful

The powerful, water-cooled vacuum pump of the Vacuklav 30 B+ enables short operating times and optimal drying of up to 5 kg of instruments, even in continuous operation. Medical and dental practices particularly appreciate the proven reliability of Vacuklav 30 B+, the simple principle of use and the various loading possibilities. In the compact sterilization chamber (depth 35 cm, capacity 17 l) up to 5 trays or three cassettes can be sterilized. Integrated feed water monitoring is an additional benefit, as poor water quality damages instruments and leads to higher costs. With connection to the water mains, RAPID CYCLE IN CLASS B IN 18 MINUTES.

- Absorbed power: 2100W

- Water network connection: YES

- Display: LCD

- Vacuum pump: liquid ring

- Chamber capacity: 17 l

- Chamber: Steel

- Max load: 5kg

- Data backup: Software/CF card/print

- Service: 2 years or 1000 cycles

- LxHxP: 42.5 x 49.5 x 66    cm

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