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Wireless RX command with PDA

The new configuration of the Best-X-DC foresees the use of the Tim – X palmtop to control the exposure parameters. The 0.3 mm micro focus allows to obtain radiographs with greater details with any type of film and sensors, minimizing the exposure time/emitted dose. The latest generation Tim – X radiofrequency palmtop, thanks to its ergonomic shape, allows control of the radiological unit in maximum safety, guaranteeing ease of use. The light and easy to maneuver monoblock allows an immediate and precise positioning without vibrations.

- Anode voltage: 60-70 kV
- Anode current: 4-6.5mA
- Focal spot: 0.3/0.4mm
- Shelf: 40-80-110 cm
- X-ray command: handheld radio command

Intraoral Intraoral Radiographic BEST X DC Newlife Radioligy


Radiographic Best X DC New Lifete Radiology

Wireless RX command

Lightweight and compact, all functions are integrated into the engine block. One-piece constant potential significantly reduces dose to normal radiographic findings. Harmful low-energy radiations are almost completely eliminated, obtaining high-definition images in both traditional, digital and phosphor systems, safeguarding the patient's health. Using an exclusive timer positioned in the motor block, the setting of the exposure parameters with pre-set programs and modified by the end user is facilitated. The device is controlled remotely in complete safety for the operator via remote radio waves. This equipment will come in wall, stand, floor fixed, ceiling and unit application.

- Anode voltage: 60-70 kV
- Anode current: 4-7mA
- Focal spot: 0.7mm
- Shelf: 40-80-110 cm
- X-ray command: radio command

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